Projects in form: Memory Walks
Karakutu Association was set up in January 2014 as a dream of Emrah Gürsel and Özlem Yalçınkaya, who both had extensive previous civil society experience. What brought them together was the belief that a more democratic society required a process of individual freedom and the development of a critical eye towards the past. Emrah Gürsel states that Karakutu “is an [...]
Curious Steps inspired from memory walks organized by feminist historian Andrea Petö in Budapest, ausZeiten feministisches Archiv in Bochum and Soledad Falabella in Chile. In 2014, an exhibition titled Mobilizing Memory: Women Witnessing was held within the framework of the workshop Mobilizing Memory for Action. Held by Columbia University’s “Women Creating Change” initiative, the workshop brought together academicians, artists, and [...]