Projects in form: Digital Studies
The story of ‘Anıt Sayaç’ (The Monument Counter) starts with the exhibition Counter (2013). In this exhibition which has both digital and physical components, visitors were directed to the address through QR codes embedded in the objects. The website kept being updated and took its current form after the end of the exhibition in April 2013. Having decided to [...]
As part of its project “Revealing and Advocating Multicultural Heritage of Anatolia” that started in 2015, Hrant Dink Foundation created an inventory of monasteries, churches, schools, synagogues, hospitals, orphanages and cemeteries and collected and recorded data regarding these buildings. The project is aimed at developing an alternative model that can set an example for other projects that are geared towards [...]
2015-2016 mark a turbulent time in Turkey, a time when the peace process collapsed and consecutive bomb attacks targeted civilians in public spaces. The peace process officially started on March 21, 2013 when Abdullah Öcalan’s letter calling for peace was read out. At the beginning of 2015, the two-year negotiations have reached an important milestone. On February 28, 2015, the [...] stemmed from the idea of an online open archive that was proposed by the Videoccupy video collective founded during the Gezi resistance by people, who have different experiences and backgrounds. It was suggested to solve the problem of how to share the visuals they collected and produced during the resistance. Even though the Videoccupy was disbanded after the resistance, [...]
The foundations for the Hope Archive have been laid with the video archive of the Düzce Solidarity Housing Cooperative for Homeless and Tenant Earthquake Victims who have been fighting for the right to healthy and safe housing since the 1999 earthquake. The videos showing the implementation process of the Düzce Hope Homes, Turkey’s first mass housing project that has been [...]
The protests that were held against the government’s uprooting of trees and construction activities at the Gezi Park to build the Topçu Military Barracks during the summer of 2013 spread to other cities. The protests were ended with a heavy-handed police crackdown and were transformed into neighborhood forums, solidarity organizations and urban resistance movements in time. The idea for Hafıza [...]